The Seib Story

From centuries past to recent times, Qatar thrived on one precious commodity, the pearl.

Year after year, hundreds of men said goodbye to their loved ones and sailed out to sea, in search of oysters that stubbornly hid the valuable prize in their tightly-shut shells.

Many times a day, the men would hold their breaths and plunge into the sea. And many times a day, the Seib was there, holding on to the ropes supporting the divers and pulling them onto the boat after their dives were completed. The men entrusted with full confidence their lives to the Seib, who stayed on the dhow and took on all the risk of looking after them.

Confidence and trust, two values that you will find are also shared by Seib Insurance and Reinsurance Company. Just like the Seib, you can be rest assured that we will be there to pull you out when you need us most.

Focus on your pearl. Let us focus on the risk.