Engineering Insurance

Securing your projects, from foundation to finish.

From property to plants to power works, Seib Insurance’s purpose-built engineering insurance solutions cover every facet of your construction project and progress.


Contractor's All Risks

Erection All Risks

Contractor’s Plant & Machinery

Machinery Break Down

In the complex value chain of civil construction, every step counts. Our Contractor's All Risks (CAR) Insurance solutions ensure that these steps are secure when your projects face unforeseen, and often costly challenges. Whether it is damage nearing project completion or other sudden incidents, a lot can go wrong. When it does, Seib Insurance handles the financial implications from start to finish, while you focus on rebuilding and recovering.

Erection All Risks (EAR) Insurance from Seib Insurance is engineered for the intricate web of power and energy behind your projects. Whether we are servicing mechanical and electrical contractors, developers, or manufacturers, our EAR insurance provides a robust layer of protection for power grids and installations of all sizes and levels of complexity.

For contracting companies, machinery and equipment are vital tools for success. Seib Insurance's Contractor’s Plant & Machinery policy safeguards these assets, ensuring minimal disruption in the unfortunate event of breakdowns or theft. Our specialized policy is a direct  line of defense for civil contractors, designed to shield machinery and equipment from the ripple effects of project delays and unexpected costs.

Beyond mere operational hiccups, technical breakdowns can put both your personnel safety and project integrity at risk. For times when sudden electrical or mechanical issues strike, you’ll need every cog in your machine insured. Seib Insurance’s machinery breakdown insurance is responsive by design, covering the full spectrum from repair to replacement costs.


Engineering Insurance