Casualty & Liability

Casualty & Liability

By your side for every side of your business

From public interactions to internal governance, Seib Insurance’s casualty and liability solutions provide protection for a range of business risks.

Public and Product Liability

Directors & Officers Liability

Workers' Compensation & Employer’s Liability

Professional Indemnity

For any business engaging with clients and the public in today’s dynamic business environment, public and product liability insurance is essential. Seib Insurance’s solutions in this space cover a wide range of scenarios and risks – including incidents leading to injury, harm, or property damage.

Additionally, our product liability insurance extends to the entire value and supply chain of businesses. For retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers, we offer protection against the repercussions of faulty products, including injury to a customer or damage to their property, and associated legal expenses.

In the high-stakes world of corporate decision making, the personal risks for directors and officers are just as high. Seib Insurance's Directors & Officers (D&O) liability solutions provide a critical layer of protection for business leaders, covering legal costs and claims arising from the decisions and actions they take in their official capacities. In today’s business climate, where accountability takes center stage, our Directors & Officers insurance shields your leadership team from the financial implications of litigation.

People are your company’s most valuable asset, and their protection is just as paramount. Seib Insurance’s comprehensive workers' compensation and employer’s liability solutions are  designed to support your employees in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses. Beyond compensation, this protection safeguards your business against potential financial liabilities.

Our policy is twofold: Section One addresses your statutory liabilities under the Qatar Labor Law, while Section Two extends coverage to liabilities beyond standard workers' compensation. This dual approach ensures both your employees' well-being and your business's financial stability are meticulously protected.

In an industry where expertise and advice are your trade, the risk of client disputes and lawsuits is an ever-present reality – and one that can bring significant financial strain. Our professional indemnity insurance is specifically designed to mitigate such risks.

Our comprehensive coverage addresses not just potential compensations and settlements, but also legal fees and associated costs of defending your professional integrity. Whether it’s misinterpreted advice or an unexpected outcome from your service, our policy stands guard over not just your finances, but your professional reputation – while you focus on your service quality.


Casualty & Liability