Seib stands among the leading insurance and reinsurance providers in Qatar,

rooted in our nation’s rich heritage, guided by our integrity, and committed to quality care at the service of our community. With a decade of trusted service, we embody the vigilant spirit of the Seib, the guardian of Qatar’s pearling past, ensuring the protection and prosperity of our clients and partners. We understand the ins and outs of risk, empowering businesses and people with security and confidence across a wide range of insurance products and services in Qatar – including property, engineering, energy, marine, aviation, and more. Our expertise also extends to a diverse portfolio, offering specialized retail insurance solutions – including  motor insurance, home insurance, and insurance for personal accidents – as well as local and international medical coverage.

Seib Insurance & Reinsurance Company LLC (Seib) is authorized by the Qatar Financial Center Regulatory Authority (QFCRA) on October 21st, 2009 under license number 00114.

Our Vision

To anchor our partners, clients, and community in a legacy of trust and integrity, empowering a secure future at the service of their sustainable growth.

Our Mission

To set the standard for insurance excellence and quality care, navigating risks and crafting our solutions around the progress and prosperity of people and businesses. In this direction, our business at Seib Insurance is guided by three fundamental principles.




We uphold the highest standards of integrity in every aspect of our business, taking ownership of every decision we make with utmost ethical rigor.

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. Their growth needs, challenges, and ambitions guide our own, and sit at the center of our product and service innovation. Our is a promise to create value for our clients at every turn.

We value and invest in the expertise and dedication of our team, fostering a culture and growth mindset where talent thrives. From innovative technologies to learning resources, our people are equipped with the knowledge and tools to shape and lead the insurance sector.