Inbound Travel

When coming to Qatar, we want you to have a safe trip and enjoy a wonderful experience.  Our travel insurance protects your financial losses in case your travel must be cancelled, your baggage is lost, or you have a medical emergency.

What are the significant features and benefits of Inbound Travel insurance?

Inbound Travel insurance covers you for unexpected medical illness or accidents while traveling to Qatar.

The basic covers provided are the cost of emergency medical expenses and repatriation expenses. For more details, please refer to your insurance policy plan.

How much Inbound Travel insurance do I need?

You should choose the plan based on your travel period requirements.

Seib Insurance offers the following plans:

  1. Individual Inbound Travel
  2. Family Inbound Travel

For more details, please refer to your insurance policy plan.

What will be the term of my contract?

A single-trip policy covers you only for a specified holiday/ trip, whereas an annual policy covers you for multiple trips made during a year (365 days) without having the hassle of getting a new policy for every trip.

Why do I need travel insurance while travelling to Qatar when I have already medical insurance?

An accident, illness or emergency can happen anywhere.

Your medical insurance purchased abroad may pay part of the treatment costs while you are in Qatar.

Our Inbound Travel insurance also provides you with medical cover for the eligible emergency medical expenses that may not be covered in your medical plan.

This plan also covers other benefits on top of the medical expenses. Please refer to your policy terms and conditions.

When should I buy Inbound Travel insurance?

It is advisable to purchase travel insurance straight after you’ve paid the first deposit for your trip. The earlier you purchase, the sooner you have coverage to protect your trip.

Does Inbound Travel insurance cover terrorism?

Our basic plan does not provide terrorism cover.

However, it can be purchased as an add-on to our worldwide plan.

Does Inbound Travel insurance cover winter sports or other hazardous sports?

Whilst this is not covered under a standard plan, you have an option to purchase it as add-on cover for an additional premium, subject to policy terms and conditions.

What is the maximum number of travel days an annual Inbound Travel insurance policy covers?

Our annual Inbound Travel insurance policy covers individual trips up to 92 days per trip. Unlimited trips can be taken during the policy period, up to the maximum days purchased per trip.

Is my Inbound Travel insurance policy renewable?

A single-trip policy is non-renewable whereas an annual multi-trip policy can be renewed.

What is the definition of family under a family Inbound Travel insurance policy?

A family is defined as 2 adults (less than 60 years old) and up to 4 named children (up to 16 years old), at the date of purchasing our single-trip or annual multi-trip Inbound Travel plans.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the first amount of the loss that has to be borne by you.

Is there any exclusion under my insurance?

Yes, but it is difficult to list all exclusions here. However, the following exclusions are generally not covered:

  1. Insured is not fit to travel
  2. Travelling against the advice of a doctor, or to seek medical advice or treatment
  3. All chronic and pre-existing conditions
  4. Travelling on board a private aircraft

For other applicable exclusions, please refer to your insurance policy terms and conditions.

Where can I buy Inbound Travel insurance?

You can purchase an Inbound Travel insurance from Seib Insurance through our website, our Mobile Application, or by calling +974 4402 6888.

How is the premium calculated?

Premium is a flat amount linked to the level of plan selected by you and is inclusive of all additional charges.

How and when can I pay the premium?

Premium is due with your application to arrange and activate the insurance policy. In respect of policy renewals, payment is required prior to the renewal/expiry date. The insurance premiums can be paid by debit card, credit card, bank transfer and cash up to QAR 1000 (one thousand Qatari Riyals) paid at Seib Insurance office only. Payment by cheque is accepted subject to realization of the cheque.

Will I receive my policy documentation to carry with me?

Yes, your policy documents will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

The confirmation of coverage will include policy information such as your unique policy number, policy effective date, benefits, terms and conditions, limitations, exclusions, and other important information. 

Don't forget to keep a copy of your policy with you while travelling!

What is the procedure for reporting any changes in my previously submitted information on the policy?

Our insurance offer is based on the information disclosed by you. In case of any changes in your earlier submitted information or the policy, contact us on +974 4402 6888 during business hours (between 8am and 5pm, Sunday to Thursday (excluding public holidays) for our review of the newly submitted information in order to make necessary amendments to your Policy.

I have lost the insurance policy. Can I get a duplicate?

Yes, we can provide you with a duplicate copy of your policy for a nominal fee of QAR 10.

How can I cancel my Inbound Travel Insurance policy? Will I get a refund of premium?

If your trip has not started and you have not made any claim, then you can cancel your policy by contacting us on +974 4402 6888.

For annual policies/covers, you need to give 30 days’ written notice to Seib Insurance, provided you have not made a claim. A pro rata premium will be calculated, and the remaining amount will be refunded.

How to make a claim while travelling?

Remember  to  take  your  Inbound Travel  insurance  policy documents which contain the unique policy number, emergency contact telephone number (+33 1 49 65 25 44) , fax number (+33 1 70 95 94 79) and email address (servicemedical.ame@axa- to report a claim (24/7 Helpline).

If a problem happens while you’re away, keep receipts for everything you need to support your claim.

Report lost or stolen belongings to the local police within 24 hours.

How can I file a complaint?

Should you have a complaint about deficiency in the services or the products offered, please contact our Compliance & AML Manager by phone on the following numbers: (+974) 4402 6807 or (+974) 4402 6888 or by mail to the following postal address: Seib Insurance and Reinsurance Company, P.O. Box 10973, Doha Qatar, or by email to, setting out clearly the exact details of your complaint.

We handle customer complaints fairly, efficiently and with due diligence as per the complaints procedure. If you remain dissatisfied with our response, you have the right to refer the complaint to the QFC Customer Dispute Resolution Scheme either by email to or by post to “The Customer Dispute Resolution Scheme”, P.O. Box 22989, Doha Qatar.

For any further information, please contact:

Seib Insurance & Reinsurance Company

Sheikh Jabor Bin Yousef Bin Jassim Althani Building, Airport Street, PO Box Number: 10973, Doha – Qatar.

Tel:  +974 4402 6888, Fax: +974 4402 6800, Email: