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Talk to Seib Insurance and let us protect what matters most; your loved ones, your possessions and your home.

What are the significant features and benefits of home insurance?

Home insurance will provide protection which covers you, your home, your family members, and any liability which may arise from an insured peril.

Home insurance covers three options based on your needs:

  1. Building insurance
  2. Contents insurance
  3. Building and contents insurance 

Building insurance covers your structure and its permanent fittings/fixtures from events like fire and weather damage.

Contents insurance protects your personal assets (contents other than the building) against theft and accidental damage.

You can also insure both the building and its contents as a combination, provided you have an insurable interest.

All three options are inclusive of the following features:

  1. Legal liability as a landlord or tenant
  2. Alternative accommodation
  3. Home assistance
  4. Personal Accidents Benefit (PAB): death and/or permanent total disability for yourself and your spouse.

Sub-limits apply as per policy terms and conditions.

Why should I buy home insurance?

  • For homeowners: this product protects both home and personal property /contents
  • For tenants of rental properties: this product protects personal property /contents

Home insurance also provides both homeowners and tenants with premises liability cover which protects them against liability arising from accidents that injure other people or damage their property.

Doesn’t my landlord’s policy cover my possessions?

Your landlord's insurance covers the building structure but does not cover your assets/personal belongings such as your furniture, clothes, and electronics. To protect your assets, you should purchase home contents insurance.

How much insurance do I need for my home?

This depends on the value of your home’s physical structure and the value of all  your contents (personal property such as furnishings, clothes, appliances, entertainment systems, etc.). We advise you to keep a thorough inventory list of your possessions to ensure you have accurate details and value before your declaration to Seib Insurance.

How is the premium calculated? Are there additional charges included?

Premium is calculated based on your sum insured (the amount you insure your home and/or contents for) which is inclusive of all additional charges.

What impacts my home insurance premium?

When calculating premium following factors are considered:

  1. Your declared sum insured
  2. Your location/address
  3. Your claims history
  4. Construction type of your building
  5. Owned / Rented
  6. Safety features of your building

What is the period of insurance cover?

One year (365 days) from the date of policy issuance unless a different period of insurance was agreed with you specifically.

Is my insurance policy renewable?

Yes, your insurance policy is renewable. Seib Insurance will make best efforts to notify you before the renewal date. You can contact us at +974 4402 6888 during operating hours between 8am and 5pm, Sunday to Thursday (excluding public holidays), to arrange for renewal terms or visit our offices located at Airport Road, Doha Qatar.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the first amount of the loss that has to be borne by you.

Is there any exclusion under my insurance?

Yes, but it is difficult to list all exclusions here. However, below are some of the exclusions which are generally not covered:

  1. Ordinary wear and tear: gradual deterioration or normal exposure to the weather
  2. War, civil war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities or war-like operations
  3. Any act of terrorism
  4. Loss of cash, currency, bank notes

For other applicable exclusions please refer to your insurance policy terms and conditions.

How can I keep my property protected from fires?

We can recommend the following to keep your home and family safe:

  1. Install smoke detectors on every floor and change batteries regularly
  2. Keep a fire extinguisher on every floor
  3. Don’t leave cooking unattended
  4. Never pour water on a grease fire
  5. Don’t plug too many appliances into one electrical outlet
  6. Frequently inspect and clean chimney flues and your furnace

If travelling, close the water and gas mains, and make sure that all lights are switched off.

Where can I buy home insurance?

You can purchase home insurance from Seib Insurance through our website or our Mobile Application. Alternatively, you may visit our office located at Old Airport Road, Doha or call +974 4402 6888.

How and when can I pay the premium?

Premium is due with your application to arrange and activate the insurance policy. In respect of policy renewals, payment is required prior to the renewal/expiry date. The insurance premiums can be paid by debit card, credit card, bank transfer and cash up to QAR 1000 (one thousand Qatari Riyals) paid at Seib Insurance office only. Payment by cheque is accepted subject to realization of the cheque.

Will I receive my policy documentation?

Yes, your policy documents will be emailed to your registered e-mail address, or an original copy could be delivered or collected from our office premises. The confirmation of coverage will include policy information such as your unique policy number, policy effective date, benefits, terms and conditions, limitations, exclusions, and other important information.

What is the procedure for reporting any changes in my previously submitted information on the policy?

Our insurance offer is based on the information disclosed by you. In case of any changes in your earlier submitted information, contact us on +974 4402 6888 during working hours (between 8am and 5pm, Sunday to Thursday (excluding public holidays)) for review and approval to make necessary amendments to your policy.

I have lost the insurance policy. Can I get a duplicate?

Yes, we can provide you with a duplicate copy of your policy for a nominal fee of QAR 10.

What should I do if the policy expired?

Seib Insurance will make best efforts to notify you in advance of the renewal date. You can contact us at +974 4402 6888 during operating hours between 8am and 5pm, Sunday to Thursday (excluding public holidays), to arrange for renewal terms or visit our offices located at Airport Road, Doha Qatar.

How can I cancel my Home insurance policy? Will I get a refund of premium?

You can cancel the policy; however, the refund of premium will be on short period rates provided you have not made any claim under this policy. Please refer to the terms of business agreement for complete details or contact us on +974 4402 6888.

What to do in case of loss or damage?

To make a claim, please download our claim form, fill it in with full particulars and full facts of the claim including its occurrence, detailed circumstances, and extent of loss, and submit it with any supporting documents as soon as reasonably possible but no more than 15 days after the loss or damage.  For assistance, please contact us on +974 4402 6888 during operating hours between 8am and 5pm, Sunday to Thursday (excluding public holidays).

How can I file a complaint?

Should you have a complaint about deficiency in the services or the products offered, please contact our Compliance & AML Manager by phone on the following numbers: (+974) 4402 6807 or (+974) 4402 6888 or by mail to the following postal address: Seib Insurance and Reinsurance Company, P.O. Box 10973, Doha Qatar, or by email to, setting out clearly the exact details of your complaint.

We handle customer complaints fairly, efficiently and with due diligence as per the complaints procedure. If you remain dissatisfied with our response, you have the right to refer the complaint to the QFC Customer Dispute Resolution Scheme either by email to or by post to “The Customer Dispute Resolution Scheme”, P.O. Box 22989, Doha Qatar.

For any further information, please contact:

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