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Dear Valued Customer,

The following is to inform you on the steps you need to take if your Motor Vehicle is involved in an accident. This information is presented to you by our expert Seib Claims Service team, to ensure your safety, adherence to the law, and a hassle-free insurance claim for your vehicle.

Bodily Injury?

Call 999 emergency and police Do not try to move the injured person without the attendance of a paramedic Obtain ID and contact numbers of the injured person

You have collided with another vehicle?

Take photos of the situation (your car and third party cars) Note the plate number of the third party vehicle Obtain ID and contact numbers of the third party

You have damaged private or public property?

Take photos of the scene

You left your vehicle parked & found your vehicle damaged?

Take photos of the scene

Your vehicle is damaged (check if oil has leaked) and cannot be driven?

Call your roadside assistance number or call Seib Insurance for towing service.

Important Notice
If your vehicle is disrupting the flow of traffic and if you are able to, immediately move it to a safe space away from the road to avoid paying a penalty from the traffic police.
Call 999 and inform the Traffic Police
Complete Police formalities as per directions of the officers
Contact Seib Insurance with the following documents:

Your policy certificate/ policy number Your original driving license and your vehicle’s registration card (Istimara) Original police report or police SMS message

Your insurance will be verified
Your claim will be registered and Seib will inspect your vehicle
Your vehicle will be assigned to the appropriate Workshop and you will receive the Police report stamped by Seib Insurance
You will be advised on policy excess and / or the estimated ‘depreciation’ contribution
Our claims executive will clarify your queries
The repairer will guide you to reach the workshop location
Hand over your vehicle key and the stamped police report
Do not leave your personal belongings or valuables inside your vehicle.
Sign the discharge note to the repairer
Pay the repairer the ‘depreciation’ contribution against an original receipt
If you have any concern on repairs, call Seib Motor Claims on

+974 44026860 +974 44026821 +974 44026853 +974 44026823

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