Medical Claims

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Medical Claim Submission & Tracking

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Claim Submission Criteria:

  1. All documents should be submitted in English or Arabic language
  2. To be submitted within 60 days from first day of treatment if treatment is in Qatar and 90 days for that outside Qatar
  3. Requested Pending documents to be submitted within 90 days if treatment is in Qatar and 120 Days for that outside Qatar
  4. Submission routs:
    • To your broker or agent
    • Directly to Seib

Claims documentation:

  1. Seib Claim Form
  2. Discharge summary (if In-patient treatment)
  3. Medical report (if Out-patient treatment)
  4. Itemized original invoices
  5. Lab results if applicable
  6. Radiology results if applicable
  7. Medication prescription (if applicable)
  8. Optical Prescription (for optical claims)

Medical Documents:

  1. Seib Medical Claim Form
  2. Seib Preauthorization Form
  3. Application for Chronic Prescription
  4. E-claim brochure
  5. Medical Exclusions List

Claim Settlement

Your claim status and payment shall be communicated to you through Seib Customer Care Professionals.

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