You And Your Motor Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Motor Comprehensive Insurance?

    Your insurance covers (1) Accidental loss of / Damage to your own vehicle and (2) Compulsory Legal Liability cover liability incurred for accidental bodily injury to and/or death of any third party and/or third party property damage arising out of use of your motor vehicle.

  • What are the limits?
    1. Vehicle is insured up to the current Depreciated Market Value
    2. Legal Liability is paid in full to the extent of liability incurred as per law. If you decide to ensure the vehicle at a value above the market value, SEIB will only pay the Depreciated Market Value at the time of a total loss claim.
  • How is the premium calculated? Are there additional charges included?
    1. Vehicle Premium is a rate or flat amount linked to the current depreciated Market Value.
    2. Third Party Legal Liability premium is as per the tariff fixed by the Government Authorities.
  • What is the period of the policy?

    Your insurance is usually for 1 full year (365 days) unless a different period of insurance was agreed with you specifically.

  • What is a deductible?

    It is the first amount of the loss that has to be paid by the Policyholder.

  • What are the policy exclusions?

    Broadly the following claims types will not be admitted (unless there is a specific cover purchased and referred in the Schedule).

    1. Damage to own vehicle:
      – Mechanical breakdown; damage only to tires; loss or damage by perils of nature;
      – breach of limitations as to use of the vehicle including overloading/ riding off road; violation of Traffic Laws including driving without a valid license;
    2. Own Vehicle/ Third Party Liability
      – accident under the influence of alcohol / drugs
  • What is the procedure for recording any changes in the policy?

    Inform the changes in writing and SEIB will issue an amendment to the Policy.

  • Can I transfer my insurance to the purchaser of my vehicle?

    Yes. This is handled in the same way as other changes. There is a Fee to be paid by the Policyholder.

  • I have lost the insurance policy. Can I get a duplicate one?

    Yes – A Fee of QAR 10 is required to be paid.

  • Can I cancel my motor insurance policy?

    Yes and the Policy Holder will get a Premium Refund provided you have not already made any claim. The above is subject to proof of cancellation of the Vehicles’ Permit, or presentation of a new Policy due to change in details of the Vehicles or transfer of their ownership.
    The Premium Refund is calculated as described in SEIB Terms of Business.
    But Compulsory Third Party Liability cover cannot be cancelled, unless the Vehicle Registration is cancelled as well.

  • What to do in case of an Accident?

    In case of an accident, please do the following:

    1. Contact the Police at 999 to report the accident, especially if you are injured or cannot drive the vehicle. Otherwise, go directly to the Police Station with the other party for investigation;
    2. If the vehicle is severely damaged and cannot be driven, then leave it in a safe parking and proceed to the nearest Traffic Department in your area;
    3. Issue a Police Report stating the accident details and the approval for repair;
    4. Visit our offices at: Airport Road, 3rd Service Road after Airport Signal, and ask for the assistance of the Motor Claims Department to register a claim;
    5. Submit the Original Police Report along with a copy of your Registration Card and Driving License;
    6. Complete the Claim Form;
    7. Contact the Road Assistance at 44320918 to transport the vehicle to the allocated workshop as advised by SEIB.
  • Where should I repair my vehicle?

    The Policy specifies if the Policyholder can repair at either (1.) Agency or (2) any Workshop approved by SEIB. Repairs can start only after the damage and repair scope/ costs are approved by SEIB.

  • What if my vehicle is declared as Total Loss?

    SEIB will assess damages as Total Loss if the repair costs exceed 70% of the depreciated market value at the time of loss or the vehicle cannot be repaired to restore it to its original condition. SEIB will pay the Depreciated Market Value after completing the proper procedure and will take possession of the damaged vehicle.

  • What should I do if the policy expired?

    SEIB will make best efforts to notify you in advance of the renewal date. You can contact us anytime at 44026888 before expiry date to arrange for renewal terms or visit our offices at Airport Road, Doha Qatar.

  • What is the depreciation rate of the vehicle at the time of renewal?

    The 1st renewal year depreciation rate is 20%. The rate is decreased to 15% years after.

  • What is the depreciation of spare parts following an accident?

    The spare parts will be depreciated by SEIB as follows:

    1. Nil during the first of year of vehicle registration.
    2. 20% during second year;
    3. 30% during third year;
    4. 40% during forth year;
    5. 50% years after;


* Subject to policy terms and conditions