Welcome to SEIB Insurance and Reinsurance Company.

SEIB is a Qatari national insurance company. The SEIB is part of our heritage, culture and history. It is the person that originally stood by to help us in our quest for pearls. Similarly,SEIB is by your side and looks to contribute to the development of our nation, our people, our economy and our national well-being.

SEIB boasts a strong capital base, solid reinsurance, seamless processes and systems along with a talented pool of insurance professionals to give our customers the peace of mind which enables them to focus on their families, their businesses and their priorities.

SEIB’s strategy is always to offer quality products and service to the businesses and people of Qatar. As a SEIB partner you can feel 100% secure with our carefully designed range of comprehensive and competitive insurance products. SEIB understands risks whatever they are - straight forward or out of the ordinary - and will help you transfer them to us.

SEIB prides itself on working proactively with customers to help them meet their insurance objectives and to promote their long-term progress and profitability.

SEIB’s dedicated team has the knowledge, the support services and the experience to exceed whatever expectations you have of your insurance provider.

SEIB’s number one priority is customer satisfaction. Our ambition is to exceed expectations.

Jabor Bin Yousef Bin Jassim Bin Jabor Al-Thani